Planning a Cruise

Planning a cruise can be very detailed and not as simple as booking a flight. Booking a flight, just pick your seat and away you go, depending on where you are going the flight may only be a couple of hours. Planning a cruiseyou need to be a little bit more selective in choosing a price, itinerary and cabin as the duration could be anywhere between 5 – 7 days.

Book your cruise early, 6 months to a year in advance. It is highly probable that you will find very good rates for the cruise. You also get the best choice of which cabin you would like to have. You can also book your cruise at the last minute but the problem with this is you might get a great deal but the choices of cabins will be limited and they may not be the best cabins. Cruise lines don’t want to sail with empty cabins, almost the same as an airplane does not want to fly with empty seats so they discount the tickets but choices are not the same. The best time to book a cruise is January to March but it is wise to book a departure date that is off season as the rates will be cheaper even though you booked at prime time.

Most cruise lines will provide a map of the ship to show potential travellers the location of the different cabins on the ship. Each cabin will give a different view. If you choose the front (bow) of the ship there will be more motion and spray from the ocean. If you are a first time cruiser I would not recommend it as you don’t know what your “sea legs” will be like. Nothing worse than suffering from sea sickness while on vacation. First time travellers or travellers that don’t want a lot of motion should choose the back (aft) of the cruise ship. Also check to see exactly where your cabin will be located on the ship. Try to pick a cabin, whether it be front(bow) or back(aft), that is not located near a high traffic area or where there might potentially be a lot of noise.

You don’t have to worry about being bored on a cruise because besides going sight seeing and shopping in the different ports off the ship there are a lot of activities to do on the ship. Daily activities include games such as bingo, miniature golf, spa and also lounging around the pool soaking up the sun. At night, there is dancing, comedians and different cabaret shows.

Once you have your cruise booked all you have to do is wait. A cruise vacation is the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation that you may ever have. You don’t have to drive, you don’t need a map and you do not have to worry about what you will be eating. There will always be something to do and if you do not want to do it, don’t. Once you go on a cruise you will always want to go on a cruise.